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May 1, 2018
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European Court of Human Rights: Same-sex ‘marriage’ is not a human right.

European Court Rules Against Same-sex Marriage

In a unanimous decision by 47 judges, the European Court has ruled against homosexual marriages.  It is not a violation of human Rights to deny same from the individual.

Landmark Ruling

Small island States in particular have been led to accept the view that refusal to make illegal buggery laws is a violation of one’s human rights.  The court has rubbished this campaign.

Certain countries have even threatened impoverished States with the withdrawal of aid if they do not fall in line and “stop violating the human rights of their citizens who are homosexuals.”  Well you see the ruling which we attach.

Trinidad & Tobago

The Highest Court in Trinidad and Tobago recently that homosexuality is a right and therefore to deny homosexuals the right to say same-sex marriage is a violation of their human rights also in Belize Honduras there was a similar court ruling before.


Jamaica has totally rejected the notion that it should lift or band any laws for example the buggy law due to outside prodding.  We will abolish the law on whatever grounds in Jamaica as we see best. We do not need to be pressured by anyone to change any laws. We run our own affairs as an independent sovereign and self-respecting country and we decide what is best in your best interest when we are ready.

Buggery Law

We will not be bullied into repealing any laws including the buggery law until we think it’s in our best interest or are ready to do so because we are an independent self-respecting people and we decide how to run our country as we see it fit.

Let us hear from you. Feel free to disagree.


PM Holness said inter alia: “We are evolving and will decide whenever …. we respect the human rights of all, including gays.” Holness was answering a question in Britain recently.

Poetic Commentary

Yes we are homophobic …
But not rustic …
Kiss whom you wish …
For us kissing women is bliss

To each their own …
Just stay in your zone
Stay in your groove
Care not if we approve

In Florida they kill 49 gays
To that we say … not our ways
We say hatred to none
Hatred we do not condone

Ah, ah, ah …

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, satirist, a veteran journalist & Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper.

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