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May 8, 2018
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May 8, 2018

Mental Instability

Photo: Health Minister Receives Preliminary Report on Construction Work at Savanna-La-Mar Hospital Health Minister, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton. (FILE)

Too many in relationships exhibit mental breakdown which manifest itself in unusual types of behaviours. Partners suffer much emotional pain.  There is dumb insolence with spouses ignore and abusing each other even silently. There are the psychos who habitually abuse their spouses physically, mentally and otherwise.

Peter said to his friend: Why are you continuing to see that woman? Do you not see she is a nut case? In short she is mentally unstable.  There are varying degrees of mental instability.  This does not necessarily mean the person (s) so diagnosed has/have an irreparable mental illness.  My psychiatric friend advised me that some forms of mental illnesses can be treated with medication and the sufferer can live a reasonably normal life ever after.  Mental instability is very common.


“Some mentally ill patients are being treated internationally in their local communities instead of being institutionalized.” Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton confirmed this fact recently in a radio interview monitored by Vision Newspaper.
“A number of mentally ill patients, even after being treated successfully are still being abandoned by their relatives.” Asserts Dr. C Tufton.
“They leave them in hospitals li” Bellevue even after treatment …. they are occupying valuable bed space”

Mental Instability

Mental instability is not confined to sex, class, economic status it is a malady that can affect right across all socio-economic classes in any society whether first world or third world. In most societies there seems to be an ongoing stigma attached to mental illness and in the case of the West Indies, including us in Jamaica, a number of initiatives to keep persons so diagnosed with mental illness out of institutions like asylums or madhouses as they are referred to in the streets are being embarked on. These initiatives have not always been as successful as they could be as a number of family members abandon their loved ones when they have been diagnosed as having a mental breakdown. They seem not prepared to have them stay at home and be treated.  Studies have shown that many such mentally diagnosed breakdowns can be treated successfully and patients stay in their homes, lead productive lives and not be confined to institutional care.

We appeal to those so diagnosed with mental breakdown to immediately seek medical or other forms of help and to relatives and spouces to get educated on the facts. To be in a relationship with a partner exhibiting mental instability is very uncomfortable to say the least.

Mental Illness

Let us change our attitude toward mental illness. It does happen everywhere, even in relationships.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie has a keen interest in relationship matters, is also Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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