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NCST Invites Nominations for National Medal for Science and Technology

Photo: Michael Sloley

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley (right), presents the National Medal for Science and Technology trophy to Dr. Henry Lowe, at the last Award ceremony held at The Jamaica Pegasus in November 2016.

Nominations are being invited for the National Medal for Science and Technology.

Senior Technology Officer at the National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST), Patricia Lewin, told JIS News that the medal, formerly known as the Prime Minister’s Medal for Science and Technology, “is a national award that recognises the lifelong work of a local scientist who has dedicated his or her life and work to science and technology that has impacted the lives of Jamaicans socially and culturally, and has had far-reaching effects beyond our shores”.

She emphasised that nominees should have a long-standing body of work that can be attested to and reviewed.

Miss Lewin said the whole point of recognising an individual of this calibre is to show the path that this person has taken, and to look at how much this person has contributed.

“If we had a critical mass of these persons in our society, we can just imagine how much further Jamaica could advance,” she added.

Miss Lewin emphasised that the relevance of science and technology cannot be overstated, as countries depend on the scientific and technological advancement of their people.

“If we are serious about science, technology and development, then we really should put a lot of focus on these areas,” she added.

Nomination forms for the medal are available on the NCST website. The deadline for nominations is April 30.

For additional information on the nomination process, persons may contact the NCST.

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