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April 9, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Perspective: Did Bunting Grant Immunity To Criminality?

No Justice For Keith Clarke?

Today’s April 9, 2018 revelation that the then National Security Minister Hon. Peter Bunting, PNP …. signed a “Certificate” six years after the 2010 Tivoli incursion, and three days before the 2016 General Elections effectively granting immunity to criminals is shocking. He hurriedly signed a document, being dubbed as granting immunity from prosecution for what appears to be those operatives for committing cold-blooded murder. The election was not favourable to the PNP, in fact the party narrowly lost to the JLP. The three soldiers are Tingling, Anglin and Henry.  Would there have been a grand cover up if the PNP had retained power?  You be the judge.

Bunting Responded

Bunting confirmed that he did sign the certificates but he did not intend  “to grant immunity.” The certificate was intended to confirm that the accused solders were acting through their chain of command and were not on a frolic of their own” asserts Bunting, monitored by Vision’s SIC.  Do you believe Bunting?


The alleged signed certificates effectively for granting immunity against prosecution was being banded about long ago. This is the first time that there has been official confirmation of these signed certificates.


During the 2010 strong man Christopher Coke aka Dodus was on the run.  There was a national manhunt. Somehow the army got a rumour that Dodus was hiding out in a upper St. Andrew home.  They went to Keith Clarke’s home and “started shooting indiscriminately.”

Cold-Blooded Murder?

Twenty Five Shots . ..

They went and without proper due diligence shot and killed an accountant Keith Clarke in his matrimonial home. He received an estimated 25 bullets. DODUS was nowhere there. Since 2010 the case has stalled. No justice to date for the Clarke family. Today as the case opened we are hearing officially that the defense are plotting to throw out the case as they were granted immunity from prosecution by Peter Bunting … when he was the Minister of National Security. Six years after Clarke’s killing and three days before the February 2016 General Elections.


I must openly state that I know the Clarke’s well and they are decent people.  Keith Clarke was no criminal. Was this cold-blooded murder?  We are compelled to conclude this to be so. What a shame!

Bunting has a lot of questions to answer. This points to possibly an abuse of authority and  total disregard for decency.  Political power should not be exercised without the respect for life and morality. We hope you were not trying to cover up what appears to be cold-blooded murder, a family is grieving Mr. Peter Bunting?

John Crow

We are not disappointed in you Mr.  Peter Bunting. Is this John Crow type behaviour? You like to label people in a derogatory manner. The cap seems to fit you perfectly now, Sir.

See post : “Poetic Commentary of Bunting  & John Crow-ism.”

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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