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May 1, 2018
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May 3, 2018

Perspective: Daley Regrets Disgraceful, Distasteful, Demeaning Diatribe.

In an about turn “disgraced” PNP Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Eastern Denise Daley has issued a public apology for her disgraceful,  demeaning, and distasteful diatribe at a public meeting at West Rural, St. Andrew last Sunday. Comments viewed as an attempt to incite violence and considered most undignified coming from a person in representational politics. She met with the political Ombudsman yesterday Monday the 30th April 2018 and issued an apology.  The Ombudsman said “I accept her apology … this is her second public apology.
Daley had been seized of the idea of the seriousness of her utterances going forward … she has promised not to be so divisive and tribal.” Parchment  Brown, inter alia.

Dr Peter Phillips also distanced  himself from MP Daley’s comments and said that she would have apologized. It is unfortunate that speaking at  political meetings a number of politicians get carried away … they seem to be inflicted with  “microphone diarrhea syndrome” which is a common disease that seem to inflict politicians. The main diagnosis is that they activate their tongue without engaging their brain.

Parliament opens today and it is not immediately known if she (Daley), a backbencher, will make a public apology there too … which would go on the record of Parliament and automatically gets recorded in Hansard. This would be interesting, but we are not holding our breath.


It is not immediately clear if the Director of public prosecutions Miss Paula Llewellyn will be looking into this matter with a view to proceeding with criminal sanctions against Miss Daley. This appears to me from a lay person’s perspective to be a clear violation of the law, but we have to wait and see.

“People in green were sent out or asked to leave my constituency” Uttered Denise Daley MP  Eastern St. Catherine for the PNP.

Crime Levels

Jamaica is experiencing unprecedented levels of high crime rates … it is most unfortunate that Miss Daley has chosen to use those words at a political meeting. Words which can inflame politically divisive people especially in a known PNP stronghold.  PNP supporters are known to behave like “fanatics” and as such tend to take their politics very seriously.  They somehow feel that they have a right to be in power and therefore anything they can do to retain power would be fair game. Is this the case?


The political ombudsman Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown is outraged by Ms.  Daley’s comments which could be viewed as a clear violation of the “political code of conduct”  signed by the political parties and candidates,  hence Brown summoning Daley to a meeting to allow her to clarify her position.


The PNP has been having a rough ride recently. For example they have lost two by-elections and has had their members shoot themselves in the foot. Denise Daley MP being the latest casualty.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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