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February 4, 2018
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Perspective; Leave Andrew Holness Alone To Run The Government… Duly Elected By Democratic Vote … Just Hop Off!

Andrew Holness emphasises universal numeracy

Photo: Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, emphasises a point, while addressing the House of Representatives

There has been strange utterances coming from certain quarters which has prompted a keen observer to suggest that there seems to be a lack confidence in his ability to run the affairs of Jamaica. This is  still a democracy, and such is allowed. Holness et al should not allow themselves to be distracted. Not at all.


Strangely, we have seen an unprecedented level of crimes, especially murders, which has raised eyebrows and begs the question:  Is there a plan afoot to sabotage the JLP Led two year old government. We hope not. We have seen a drop and are still on the job.

Not Illegal ..

The appointment of an acting Chief Justice is the latest launching pad being used by the nuts and disguised political types to launch poison arrows at Holness. Holness for his own reasons has chosen to ask the new Chief Justice to act before he decides if he should be permanently appointed.  PM’s lead as they see fit and should not be “shackled”.  It was a former PNP leader in PJ Patterson who said inter alia “The law is not a shackle …”  Please note that Patterson said a “law”.  In fact defense Lawyer Peter Champagne stated that Section 99:1 of Jamaica’s Constitution allows for a person to act as Chief Justice.  So PM Andrew Michael Holness is on solid legal ground.  He is therefore not standing on quick sand when he asked the Chief Justice pro tem … His Honour Bryan Sykes to act. Probationary period in any job is not illegal. Is it? Too many of us feel that certain things must only be done the “missionary way” or we must be a prisoner of convention. Sorry for you! Innovate, innovative & innovative.

As head of the government the Prime Minister must lead.  Gone are the days when leaders fell asleep at the wheel.  They vascilate and are indecisive. No one can accuse Holness of either. He acted decisively and speedily to replace outgoing Chief Justice Zalia McCalla. Good job Mr. Holness.


Did Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips betray Holness his Prime Minister when he went   public and disclosed that Holness went against his advice?  A responsible leader in waiting would have kept his mouth shut.  Holness took him in confidence when they consulted. Advice given does not have to be accepted. Does it? Is the doctor living in a dream world? Good for him!  Wake up form your slumber Dr. Peter Phillips. Did Phillips betray Holiness’ confidence?


Betrayal of trust is unacceptable, if not unethical. What is your view? We would love to hear from the PNP sooner than later.

What is your perspective? Please feel free to disagree. Let my editor hear from you. This is our perspective.

Democratically Elected …

It is my further perspective that we should leave PM Andrew Michael Holness alone to run the government as he was duly elected by democratic vote, is qualified as any, and may even be more mentally alert than many.

Leave PM Andrew Michael Holness alone …just hop off … He never fails to be innovative.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada. Has is also a student of management and was Executive Director for the internationally funded USAID Junior Achievement Programme for St. Catherine, Jamaica West Indies.

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