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April 30, 2018
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April 30, 2018

Vershon ft Govana – Weh Dem Know Bout (Official Video)


[Intro: Vershon, Govana]
Dem nuh know yuh story go
Dem see di glory
Dem nuh know yuh story go
Genna Genna
Dem nuh know yuh story go
Dem see di glory
Dem nuh know yuh story go
Queff dem

[Verse 1: Govana]
Dem nuh know man sufferation
You a seh you a mi bredda through yuh see di name brand
Real G’s stay true to dem day one
We a par from lunch kit days, grade one

[Chorus: Vershon, Govana]
Weh dem know bout zinc fence, board house
White rice, sardine
(Weh dem nuh know bout dat)
Weh dem know bout salt fish and bake bean
Flour wid di cornmeal
Weh dem know bout one shirt, one pants
No shoes pon feet
Weh dem deh when mama cya pay di rent
And she couldn’t find the school fee
So how dem a gwan like dem a true G

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