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COVID-19 Update – 1400 Care Packages Distributed

COVID 19 Update

May 11, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Conner Dennie |

Confirmed covid-19 cases now 505, this is up by 3 from 502 last reported.

The PM has said some 1400 Care Packages have been distributed in the area under curfew. That area is Enfield, Annotto Bay and Dover in St. Mary Parish, Jamaica W.I. He further stated that a further 2000 packages to be distributed tomorrow.

Minister Christopher Tufton has reported that a total of 505 confirmed cases ranging from ages 19 to 28. A total of 5 from a group from United Kingdom.

24 local transmission, … 50 percent females. 90 now confirmed as healthy. Covid-19 is not a death sentence. Nine have died. They all had underlined issues. Reported Dr. Tufton.

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020 some 96 Jamaicans are to be returned. These returning Jamaicans will be from the USA.


The Canadian Attache’ to Kingston will arrive on Wednesday next among the 96 under the Controlled Entry Programme.


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