$3 billion for School Security in the US

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279 Mass shootings in 2019 in USA

With the need for school security the security specialists have put their heads together to stop attacks before they occur. The dollar value has skyrocketed. 3 billion alone for the USA is the figure being quoted.

Mass shootings

Will expand the conversation to cover other mass shootings apart from schools alone … in a general way. We cannot separate the incidences. The school shootings are a part of the bigger picture nationally.

Safe Boothes

A safe boothe was displayed recently on TV. It is a bullet proof box type structure that can withstand bullets from a high powered weapon. Possibly a 9 mm or a AK 47 rifle. Students would hide in this safe/area if an attack is taking place.

After students enter classroom … entry has to be from a designated entrance. Only those inside can open classroom doors. Fire safety is not being jeopardized.


More cameras are being installed and tied into remote door locking systems which are monitored 24 ×7 as long as schools are in session. It is a new ball game in the USA since Columbine and Stoneman Douglas school shootings. Additional School Resource Officers are being deployed to be at schools. In some places 100 percent increase in numbers deployed.

Mass Shootings 279 YTD 2019 alone … in the USA.

There have been a very high rate of mass shootings in the USA in particular in the USA in 2019. This figure is climbing each year. With high powered guns the choice weapons. Too many guns in the wrong hands. There is a popular calypso song “Too many guns in the town” likely made in Trinidad and Tobago. Not 100 percent sure from where and by whom. It is so relevant today with 279 such shootings in the USA alone in 2019.

Florida and Texas, USA

The states of Texas and Florida have been rising up the statistics. Two such incidences in Texas with 29 killed. El Paso 22 and Odessa 7 so far the latest. These are in August or so alone in 2019. Least to mention those injured. We tend to under report those injured as if they are not important stats. In Odessa two (2) of the victims of the latest mass shooting last weekend or so have died. 5 had been reported before when the gunman was shot by police.

New Zealand

We do not forget the victims of the New Zealand mass shooting earlier this year. That was an isolated case but a mass shooting also … over 14 killed and many others injured.


Statistics on mass shootings are not available for Canada, but based on the reports these are extremely low when compared to the USA. Almost none at all at schools. An Incel used a Ryder van to kill 10 in Toronto, Canada within the last year or so. Incel is a hater of women. The victims were women. There was a mosque shooting Montreal, Canada within the last 3 years or so.


There have been about 7 mass killings reported in 3 years with 5 or so being the highest amount killed in any one incident. Grange Hill in Western Jamaica comes to mind. There is a State of Emergency in place there as we speak.

What is a mass shooting?

This has been defined as when at least threet (3) victims are killed in any one shooting incident.

We hope schools will be safer in 2019 as the new school year opens. Also that mass shootings generally will be reduced. Guns don’t kill by themselves but, when it is in abundance and in the wrong hands, these events will continue to increase.

Travel Advisory

Will a travel Advisory be issued by say Jamaica warning citizens to avoid say Texas and Florida as these mass shootings incidences continue to increase?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada

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