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450 Journey Continues

Dancehall Artist 450

February 23, 2022 | Lila Anderson |

Dancehall Artist 450 brings a different type of focus for 2022. Since hitting it big with “Imperfections” in 2021 along

Dancehall Artist 450

with follow up singles “Journey”, “Gyal Thief” and “Purge”, he has been highlighted as one of the year’s best newcomers in Dancehall. With a fanbase that continues to grow daily, 450 patiently awaited the day he could connect with them on a personal level. His journey to connecting with them started earlier this year when he embarked on his first US Tour.

With a handful of tour stops across the US, 450 kicked off the new year performing in Orlando, Florida to rave reviews. With more parts of the world opening up to accommodate entertainment events, 450 is one of the few Jamaican Artists that has been afforded an opportunity to showcase his talents outside of the Island. 450 found Tampa, Florida and Hartford, Connecticut as venues to make his debut in late January 2022, and he exceeded expectations with attendees on both stops. Bridgeport, Connecticut was scheduled to welcome him in February, but had to be rescheduled to March due to a snowstorm that caused much damage to the city. 450 is gearing up to bring his talents to the UK in March, and July will find him debuting live in Toronto, Canada. 450 encourages fans to keep supporting his current singles and content on all digital streaming platforms, and to get ready for more tour stops and live performances.

For more updates on 450’s music and career developments, follow him on Instagram at @450Music.

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