62 of 63 Seats Recounted In Razor Thin Election in Jamaica W.I.

Photo from: www.jamaicaelections.com
Photo from: www.jamaicaelections.com

Director of Elections Orrett Fisher disclosed at a hastily held press conference today that 62 of the 63 seats have been recounted and the results so far is still 32 JLP and 31 for the PNP. The final West St. Thomas seat held by the JLP’s James Robertson is being recounted.

At the end of the preliminary count Robertson was lead the PNP Candidate by 381 votes. The director said the boxes were removed by heavy security due to the large amount of party supporters.

General Secretary of the JLP said in a statement monitored by Vision that “We do not expect James Robertson’s seat to change hands” Marsha Francis is the challenger from the PNP.

 (AP Photo/Collin Reid)
(AP Photo/Collin Reid)

SWEARING in Of PM Holness

This will most likely take place no later than Thursday.

55 out of 156 boxes were recounted in St. Thomas. Another 45 were counted today up to press time at 8PM local time. Robertson of the JLP picked up more votes.

The Director of Elections stated that he expects to certify the counting and advise the GG Wednesday pacing the way for the swearing in of Holness.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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