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80s conscious crusader Papa Biggy ready for the road

PAPA-BIGGYSince the 80s when he broke on the scene in Jamaica artiste Courtney Porteous aka Papa Biggy has been an artiste who takes the conscious message serious. He will be the first to tell you that music is more than just recording to beats and putting it out there.

He believes he has a social responsibility to teach the youth and to use his music to spread a positive message.

“Music is all about making you feel good. If you are down in the dumps when you listen a song, your spirit should be lifted. I am all about allowing my music to speak for me,” said the singer who disciplined himself to go on a weight loss programme for his fans.

“You can’t go on a stage and not be at your best physically and be able to give an energetic performance,” he said adding that the time had come for him to up his performance level.

Papa Biggy who had to overcome the death of his son who died over two years ago in a drowning accident is happy for the music that surrounded him. He is now looking to take his music further afield. “I am ready to perform to rekindle my relationship on the European circuit and back home in Jamaica,” he said.

Biggy who has taken a sabbatical from performances to ‘regroup’ said is fired up and ready!

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