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“A Job Is More Than A Pay Cheque” President-elect Joe Biden

November 23, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Despite being blocked from having a free hand in the transition process to occupy the White House and his preparation to take up the US Presidency,  come January 21, 2021, Biden is not sitting by and fretting. He and Vice-president- elect Kamala Harris are busy outlining their plans to business leaders and the American public.

Subverting The Constitution

The courts are being used to strangle so to speak the will of the people. They voted in their millions in a free and fair process. Yet Trump and the Republicans have a problem with their choice. It is all so sad. Biden said “Irresponsible”.


President Donald Trump has been tarnishing his legacy by refusing to graciously accept the democratic will of the people. How can he step back and come to his senses even at this late stage. President Obama conceded in days and invited the Trumps to the White House when Trump won in 2016.  Hilary Clinton conceded two days after losing to Trump in 2016.  The Democrats acted decently when it was agreed that they lost. Why not do the same Mr. Donald Trump?


It is not illegal not to concede, it is just immoral. As you are no doubt aware legality and morality are not necessarily bedfellows. Statesmanship dictates that you exit the scene by conceding to your opponent the declared victor. Being a good looser is  important going forward. Biden with 306 Electoral College votes is a clear winner. It looks tacky for Trump to be holding out. Reports that Trump is inviting State Legislators to the White House and allegedly pressuring them not to certify the vote in their states is disgusting, distasteful, despicable, disgraceful and most disappointing to say the least. This is an akin to subverting the will of the people and by extension the Constitution. Quite a shame!

“I am a union guy” declared Joe Biden, speaking to the media.  Biden looked relaxed and presidental as he spoke in a measured tone choosing his words very deliberately … evidently not wanting to inflame a rather potentially volatile situation. It was statesmanship of the highest order. Sending an important glimpse to the world and setting the tone from day one on the type of style of leadership to be expected from a Biden presidency.  This no doubt sets Biden apart from the often racaucus if not bombastic style that we have grown accustomed to from outgoing and rejected one term President Donald J. Trump.


There has been a fallout in the labour market due to the pandemic. Biden and Harris are promising lots of jobs. A buy American campaign is likely to be pursued. The retention of plants with 15 dollars per hour jobs in America will likely be the policy to be followed.  The successful economic policies of the Trump administration are likely to be continued.


There will likely be dramatic shifts in immigration policies. DACA will be enhanced and deportations will be less stringent.


The labour unions will likely be listened to more from Biden. They are likely to welcome his embracing them.  This will empower the workers. It is a smart move by Biden. A strong labour centred approach could boost productivity especially in a post pandemic era.

In part 2 we will examine in more detail the task ahead for the Biden/ Harris administration. Stay tuned as this drama unfolds.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist with a keen eye for political issues especially of an international flavour. 

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