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Addressing systemic anti-Black racism and discrimination in the justice system in Toronto

November 10, 2022 | Vision Newspaper |

Access to justice is a fundamental Canadian value and an integral part of a fair and just society based on the rule of law. The Government of Canada is committed to providing fair and equal access to justice for Black and racialized communities across the country and addressing systemic racism and discrimination in all its forms and in all phases of the justice system.

Yesterday, the Honourable David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and Moya Teklu, Executive Director and General Counsel of the Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC) announced that the Government of Canada is providing financial support for a project from BLAC that provides legal supports to address anti-Black racism and discrimination and the overrepresentation of individuals from Black communities in the justice system in Ontario. 

Through its Combatting Anti-Black Racism through Litigation and System Navigation project, BLAC will:

  • provide legal professionals and other experts with the information they need to raise legal arguments related to individual and systemic anti-Black racism in the justice system.
  • increase access to justice for Black Ontarians, and strengthen the Canadian legal framework by ensuring that legal professionals representing Black clients are putting the best legal arguments forward in the areas of  criminal, child protection, immigration, prison, and civil law.  
  • engage System Navigators to provide information, advice, and supports to Black people with who have a legal issue in the area of criminal, child protection, immigration, or civil law.

Justice Canada is providing $1M over four years through the Justice Partnership and Innovation Program.

For more information, please see the news release.

SOURCE Government of Canada

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