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Africa Link Union (ALU) Offers Information Services to Other African Media

Media representatives and experts from 15 African and Chinese media organizations attended the meeting.

CASABLANCA , Morocco, October 24, 2019 / PRNewswire / – On October 21, CCTV Video News Agency (CCTV +) signed agreements with three other African media to provide news services to Africa Link Union (ALU). Today, 29 mainstream media from 26 African countries joined this union.

A signing ceremony for Today Africa , a program of tailor-made news packages on the world and China produced by CCTV +, took place on the same day, adding five more broadcasters to the program.

The ceremony was held during the 4 th meeting of the Africa Link Union Council (ALU) to Casablanca (Morocco), co-hosted by CCTV and + 2M TV, the first public television station in Morocco. Representatives and media experts from 15 African and Chinese media attended this meeting.

“This is the first time that ALU’s board meeting has been held in Africa since its inception in 2016,” said Gao Wei, managing director and editor-in-chief of CCTV +. “This year, our ALU members have made significant efforts to share news, tailor-made training and exchange information programs to strengthen the alliance,” added Gao. He also thanked 2M TV for providing assistance for the event.

As co-organizer, Cheikh Salim , Managing Director of 2M TV, urged ALU members to take full advantage of this opportunity and work to strengthen ALU’s cooperation mechanism and promote common progress. for the members of the alliance.

Based on ALU, CCTV + became an important source of news for African media last year. Last year, CCTV + aired more than 20,000 news stories about China and the rest of the world, with scripts in English, Arabic and French. And members have submitted more than 2,000 news articles on Africa via the ALU mechanism.

CCTV + is the first and largest video news agency in China. It offers information products and services to professional media around the world through its global online distribution system ( www.cctvplus.com ) and works in cooperation with leading global distributors of professional news.

ALU was launched by CCTV + and media across Africa in June 2016 with the aim of promoting cooperation and media exchanges between China and Africa and strengthening global communication of information about Africa.

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