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Afrobeats singer Davido reveals inspiration behind his new album “A Better Time”


As part of the film series “Routes of Inspiration”, Davido gives insights into the creative process behind his new album “A Better Time”

LONDON , Oct. 21, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Ahead of the release of Afrobeats artist Davido’s album “A Better Time,” slated for October 30, a new, exclusive film made in collaboration with Vype will showcase unique moments from Inspiration.

The film, which can be seen exclusively on Vype YouTube, follows Davido, who was born in Atlanta , USA but grew up in Lagos , on his search for inspiration in Lagos , Nigeria , where he wrote his new album. The exclusive content is part of Routes of Inspiration, a series by Vype that aims to show how creative professionals and artists find their inspiration. For Davido, his hometown of Lagos is the “Route of Inspiration”. After live entertainment events around the world were canceled, the campaign was launched to give artists and fans a new way to keep in touch Vype’s Instagram page gives fans the opportunity to win unique fan articles as part of the exclusive media partnership with Complex .

The film follows Davido’s creative process like writing and recording some of the biggest songs on his new album. The exclusive film also makes it clear that Davido’s inspiration is largely influenced by his surroundings, be it friends, family or the people of Lagos . Davido can be seen with his friends and family, but also with colleagues like Nas and Mayorkun, who are working with him on the creation of his new album.

Davido explains how his new album came about:  “The pandemic plays a big role because I had to cancel my tour. Had I been on tour I probably wouldn’t have had time to record songs, but at home in Lagos I spent a lot of time recording and the result is really good. It took about two or three months, but when I started recording I had no plan, I just wanted to have fun. “

The Routes of Inspiration series consists of intimate conversations with artists and musicians about their inspirations. Live music shows are also shown on a small scale. The free film series shows life experiences and plays songs about resilience and hope. The aim is to show creative ways of networking at a time when people are staying at home. The first series of demonstrations started in March, shortly after lockdown measures were declared. It reached over 350,000 fans around the world.

Davido is one of the most famous Afrobeats artists. His breakthrough came with the hit “Fall”, which was in the mainstream R & B / HipHop category on the Billboard charts for 21 weeks and is the most viewed Nigerian title on YouTube with 170 million views. Davido has received over 30 international awards , including two MTV European Music Awards, and is the first African artist to give a sold out concert at the O2 Arena in London (which Idris Elba opened).

The film will be screened in advance of the release of Davido’s new album, “A Better Time. ” “Seeing Davido’s creative thinking behind his album is inspiring in itself. We’re honored to be working with Davido on this, and we hope that this encourages other artists to share their inspirations, “ said Elly Criticou, Vapor Category Director at BAT.

The full-length film Routes of Inspiration can be viewed on Vype’s YouTube channel  here , on Vype’s @Vype_worldwide Instagram page   and through selected media partners on Complex.com.

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Video –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPdt7t9KpB8


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