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June 10, 2019
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June 10, 2019


Multifaceted Dancehall artiste Alapap has already been making an impact with his newly released single ‘Pain’ produced by Toronto based label Flo 1 Music. The young artiste, who had already received some attention with underground tracks including ‘Bullseye’, gets very personal when writing the content for the introspective single ‘Pain’ released a few weeks ago.


The inspiration for the ‘Pain’ single came from Alapap’s personal experience which he has always drawn inspiration from and also from his environment in order to write his songs, making his music much more relatable.


“My song ‘Pain’ came from a personal experience, but I also use issues in my surroundings as inspiration for my music. I will allow fans to draw their own interpretation from the song, by listening to the words, as well as watching the video. I played around with words in order to express my mental pain without being too literal,” Alapap shared


Alapap is hoping to increase his visibility in Dancehall with a different sound and style and is beginning to make a name for himself. He is hoping that 2019 will bring him collaborations which will help his desire to become a household name locally and internationally. Though his preference is Dancehall; he is very versatile and is anxious to show his fans what he can do.


“I can do various types of music, I do dancehall for the appropriate audience, and I also do reggae for the appropriate audience as well, I can maintain a balance. With the release of ‘Pain’ and other projects I hope to see a few collaboration soons, and get the buzz going so the career can also grow,” Alapap continued


Now signed to Canadian based record label Flo1 Musiq, Alapap is excited for the opportunity to get his music out to his fans and is ready to take his career to a new level. His recent releases also include ‘Steel’ and ‘Gimmie A Bly’ also produced by Flo1 Musiq.




Janice Young | PR Director/Event Coordinator/ Advertising Consultant

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