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Amber Heart NTSA launched

January 18, 2021 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

In what has been described as a game changer, the PM announced a new industry and launched it a few days ago in Kingston Jamaica. It is called the Amber Heart NTSA Academy for short The Amber Academy.

What is This New Initiative?

The Amber Academy is the brain child of PM Andrew Holness who has joined forces with an Indian National who came to Jamaica and fell in love with the country.  In a nutshell this is a computer related industry which uses a technique called “Coding” to write computer programmes”. The apps on our devices are code related creations.

India and China are the leading Silicon Valley type experts as it relates to the computer related industry. They are leaders and innovators in this highly specialized field.

Who Is Amber Heart?

Amber is an international company that was started in Jamaica and now is located in 123 countries. Students are trained for six months in a residential setting and are guaranteed on graduation a job.


It is with pride that the PM announced this launch. The academy is up and running so this is not just an announcement.  It is business in progress.

Amber is a partnership with Heart  NTSA our National Training institution which was the brain child of the late Edward Phillip George Seaga.  So far 100 students are being trained as coders. You can liken coding to the brain of an app. We are all familiar with Apps, but may not know how they are formulated.


Apps can be designed to turn on lights remotely from say your smart phone and do many other human intelligence functions. We all hear, if not personally know of self driving vehicles. To just name an application of the coding design possibilities.

We will give you more details when they come to hand.

Congrats PM

We congratulate the PM on this ground breaking initiative. We wish the Amber Academy all the success. We hope this new found knowledge will not be used destructively, but instead to uplift us out of poverty to prosperity especially on the world stage as technology leaders not only in the Caribbean, but on the international stage. We are are a smart people and do well at what we put our ingenuity to.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist with an international exposure.

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