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May 4, 2016
May 4, 2016

As Infighting In the PNP Heats Up … Latest Poll Shows 58 Percent Wanted Portia To Go

Portia Miller


The latest published polls results by International Pollster Bill Johnson commissioned by CVM TV and done two weeks after the February 25, 2015 General Elections has revealed that 58 percent of persons polled of all age groups 58 percent said Portia Simpson Miller must go now.

This is a national poll with a sample size of 1900 … pretty large sample you will agree.

Vision SIC did an informal poll and the results were not much different. One or two percentage points differently.

Comrades (PNP SPOKE)

A separate poll done among PNP supporters only said 42 percent want her to go and 50 percent wish for her to stay.

Peter Phillips

Very much divided as you can see. Is it that they do not see a clear replacement for Portia Simpson Miller as leader.

She has become very unpopular even among her own comrades.

Portia will have to make up her own mind soon. Her legacy is being tarnished or the little she may have had. You will recall that an internal review committee chaired

DKDuncanComrade Julian Robinson is scheduled to report soon. Comrades refuse to await this report … they are in disarray … to say the least.

When will it all end? Your guess is as good as mine, eh!

Dr. Peter Phillips got the next highest points to replace her … only 16 percent.

Peter Bunting is a low points contender behind Lisa Hanna and Julian Robinson, deputy General Secretary.

Blame Game

Comrades are still infighting and blaming each other for their defeat … Peter-Bunting-Official-web-479x600the latest combatant Dr. D. K. Duncan a former General Secretary and retired Minister and MP. Duncan has been accusing and attacking Damion Crawford & Raymond Pryce of “Disgraceful behaviour” Crawford has rejected this label and Pryce has refused to comment publicly.

Councillor V. Philips, PNP/Papine division has accused the PNP leadership of “using the youths” apparently to attract the youth vote. It is getting very messy as we predicted in Vision … we saw the writing on the wall because we have vision.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada

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