Five Canadian Nationals Arrested in Jamaica
September 2, 2016
Update: One Canadian National Free … Four Charged… after drug bust in Jamaica Airport
September 4, 2016

As The PNP Sinks Deeper into Campaign Fund Mess … Omar Davies, Former Minister In The PNP Government … Distances Himself …. Portia Did Not Know?


Photo: Finance Minister Omar Davies

Portia_Miller_ShootParty president Portia Simpson Miller has denied hearing about the campaign Funding scandal
now eight days in the public domain, as she was questioned by journalists:”I have been traveling … ” Portia remarked.

Omar Davies

This latest saga in this ongoing scandal is the implication that there is in the PNP institutionalized corruption.

Mrs. K. Reynolds, co-host commenting on “This Morning” on Nationwide News Network said inter alia …
She finds Simpson Miller’s response as unacceptable …no leader of worth could say that …
Paul Burke, General Secretary of the PNP had disclosed publicly from some five months ago that funds were diverted from the party’s coffers and there was a “parallel campaign” operating which may have been partially responsible for their election loss in February, 2016 to the JLP. In short funds were diverted away from the central PNP coffers.

Omar Davies

Omar Davies

It was implied that some 1 to 1.5 percent is normally requested as a kickback and further that an agent is appointed with funds diverted to the party in power… is Omar saying it is the practice for Chinese firms on large projects has accepted as normal course of doing business … that is to pay over money to the party amounting to some 10 to 12 million US dollars? Responding in a letter circulated to the media Davies denies taking any money.

Turning to what the party president had to say:
“Portia asks what campaign funding? … I have not read the report … they have been keeping me busy …”

This response from Simpson Miller is unbelievable, to say the least.

Michael Peart

Michael Peart

Michael Peart, former MP and Speaker of the House, in the PNP has chided the General Secretary for not calling a meeting to discuss this matter before. Peart was scratching in his criticism of the General Secretary “the party knew of this matter from March 2016” Peart asserts in an interview monitored by Vision.

We are sitting at the edge of our seats awaiting the latest episode in this ongoing drama to unfold.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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