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John Spellman / Retna Ltd.
John Spellman / Retna Ltd.

NEW YORK (AP) — Ashanti is appalled that she might have to face her accused stalker in court again, but she’ll do it to see the case through. A juror’s illness prompted a mistrial during deliberations Thursday in Devar Hurd’s case. He’s charged for the second time in five years with harassing Ashanti or her relatives. He is representing himself in court, which means Hurd was able to question Ashanti face to face. Ashanti says she’s “shocked and horrified at the thought of going through this ordeal again” but she will do whatever it takes to make sure her family is safe and justice is served. Hurd is accused of tweeting risque messages to Ashanti and of posing for a photo with Ashanti’s sister, in spite of a court order not to contact her family. Hurd was convicted in 2009 of stalking and harassment.

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