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Aveeno® Canada launches new information resource to expand knowledge, and educate Canadians about eczema on diverse skin tones

Aveeno® is committed to building awareness with Canadians and helping to close the education gap on how eczema presents across diverse skin tones. Launched in 2021, Aveeno®’s #SkinVisibility campaign aims to address the underdiagnosis, care and treatment of eczema on diverse skin through providing resources, tools, and representation. As part of this campaign, Aveeno® has collaborated with industry experts and healthcare professionals to advance skin health equity and continue elevating important conversations about skin health, inclusive of skin of colour.

As part of this ongoing effort to help sufferer’s recognize key symptoms and find solutions, Aveeno® Canada is proud to release the #SkinVisibility table book.

Medical textbook images of eczema have historically shown how it appears on light skin — red, scaly, and inflamed. However, eczema looks quite different on darker skin tones — appearing darker than the rest of the skin, including grey, purple, pink or red hues, and as a result, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can occur. The book will help:

  • Amplify and bring awareness of eczema on diverse skin to improve care and treatment
  • Offer a visual resource for those who may be struggling with eczema
  • Provide advice directly from dermatologists and patients on how to identify symptoms and get the correct diagnosis

“Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, characterized by intensely dry and itchy areas of the skin, and people of all skin colours, races and ethnicities can be affected by eczema, yet very few images in general medicine textbooks show the condition on darker skin,” said Dr. Sonya Abdulla[1]. “This shortcoming has left doctors with difficulties in recognizing eczema on skin with darker pigment, leaving many without the proper resources and information needed for diagnoses. The #SkinVisibility book can help bridge the gap by providing people of colour with a visual reference to help them get the treatment needed.”

The curated table book includes educational context from dermatologists and individual experiences from Canadian people of colour diagnosed with eczema. A limited number of physical copies of the book will be distributed within Canada but will be available through the Eczema in Skin of Colour Hub on the Aveeno® Canada website.

To help sufferers recognize key symptoms and find solutions, the #SkinVisibility campaign has additional resources which includes:

1)      New Canadian Baby Eczema Page

2)      The Brandon Gonez Show

3)      The Surprising Truth About Eczema and Black Skin 

For more information on Aveeno® and the #SkinVisibility campaign, please visit

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