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March 1, 2022
March 1, 2022

Bauer Hockey Builds on Commitment to Make Hockey More Inclusive

Building on its commitment to make hockey more inclusive, Bauer Hockey is launching an Equipment Scholarship Program with the Black Girl Hockey Club.

Global hockey leader launches $100,000 Equipment Scholarship Program to support Black Girl Hockey Club

EXETER, N.H.March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bauer Hockey created “The Barn,” a new brand campaign that shines a light on diversity in hockey and offers an open invitation to all who want to play. Bauer is also committed to backing up its message with action, supporting programs and organizations that serve underrepresented communities in hockey and focus on making the game more accessible and inclusive.

Featured in “The Barn” campaign, Dayton O’Donoghue fell in love with hockey and the community the sport offers, ranging from teammates and coaches who have been a second family to her after losing her father at a young age. Honoring Dayton and what the game means to her, through this partnership, Bauer Hockey is helping her achieve her vision of giving back to the game and attracting more Black girls to the ice. In partnership with the Black Girl Hockey Club, a not-for-profit, Bauer Hockey is creating an Equipment Scholarship Program to bring this dream to life.

“Hockey has provided me so much and at critical moments in my life,” O’Donoghue said. “Being at the rink is one of my safe and happy places, and when I’m there I connect with friends, the game and with my competitive drive. As a biracial woman, I know young girls like me might not consider hockey, and I want to change that. I’m excited to develop this program with Bauer and the Black Girl Hockey Club.”

The scholarship program includes $100,000 in equipment over four years. The equipment will be donated at no cost to Black girls and women who want to learn to play. The Black Girl Hockey Club will establish a grant request process, which will help maximize the impact of the program and ensure support is provided to as many players as possible.

“We believe in the power of hockey to build self-confidence, teach life lessons and transform lives.  We also recognize the game is not accessible to all who want the opportunity to play,” said Mary-Kay Messier, VP of Global Marketing, Bauer Hockey. “That is why we are excited to help Dayton see her vision become a reality, giving back to the organization that supported her in a critical time. Together, we will launch an equipment scholarship program to increase access and support the incredible work Black Girl Hockey Club is doing to create opportunities for Black girls and women in hockey.  A more diverse sport is a better sport for all.”

“Hockey grows stronger when we recognize and honor how identities like race and gender overlap, intersect, and shape the lived experiences of players and fans,” said Kim Davis, Senior Executive Vice President of Social Impact, Growth Initiatives, and Legislative Affairs for the NHL. “Bauer’s partnership with the Black Girl Hockey Club amplifies this intersectionality. Through equipment donations to help Black women and girls take their place on the ice, Bauer and BGHC are making a powerful commitment to advance true inclusion in the sport and empower new leaders to seize their potential, all while shifting the narrative about race and gender in hockey.”

“We’re excited to partner with Bauer Hockey, especially in such an impactful way that will not only benefit Black girls and women but enhances our comprehensive offering as a Club,” said Renee Hess, Club Founder and Executive Director. “Bauer and the Black Girl Hockey Club share a vision of a more diverse game, and we know it will take some uncomfortable conversations to deliver an inclusive and welcoming game. Part of ensuring this success is building programs like this equipment scholarship that attracts more Black families to hockey.”

In addition to the equipment scholarship fund, Bauer created a commemorative Willie O’Ree t-shirt with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to Black Girl Hockey Club. Visit Bauer.com to purchase a t-shirt and learn more about the Bauer “The Barn” campaign.


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