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Beats By Dre Introduces New Music Streaming Service “Beats Music”


Just what the doctor prescribed. 

Just when you thought Dr.Dre and his Beats By Dre empire couldn’t get any bigger, it just did. Now introducing, “Beats Music” a streaming service that is dedicated solely to your preferences and tailored for your personal tastes Officially released today, Beats Music will serve and cater to your personalized user experience while helping you discover new and vibrant music.

In a market filled with an array of different music streaming services, Beats Music gives music lovers the ability to curate their song selections based on the emotion they are currently feeling. Beats Music puts everything in your hands and only thing you have to provide is your current mood. Interface features such as, “The Sentence” gives the consumer the ability to type out their current mood or activity they are partaking in which leads to the creation of a playlist.

Beats Music also serves as a traditional streaming service that provides playlists and albums from some of the best DJ’s and artists around.

Beats Music is available with subscription online on iTunes starting at $10 a month.


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