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Beenie Man, D’Angel featured on Hypocrite rhythm

BeenieManUS-based record label Diamond Music Empire has released the new Hypocrite rhythm with its bubbling bassline and liquid groove. The rhythm features heavyweight names like Beenie Man, D’Angel, alongside notable newcomers like Gangoolie, Amique and Nozzleman.

International recording superstar Beenie Man leads out the project with the brilliantly delivered Mind Games. As oneof the biggest hitmakers in the history of dancehall, Beenie Man shows that he still has what it takes to rock a dancehall crowd with a sing-a-long hook that the dancehall crowd will love.

D’Angel shows why she is widely regarded as one of the most improved female deejays in the game. Armed with a new multi-million dollar recording contract and a squad of new writers, D’Angel sounds re-energised and focused on the two singles, Gimme Di Money and Hot Gal Dem. On Hot Gal Dem, she showcases her unique singing voicewith a banging sing-a-longhook as she sings “fi the hot gal dem”, and she unleashes a fierce four-bar verse that sounds warning that she is ready to graduate tothe next levelof stardom. D’Angel deejays: ‘when mi step out, ah 24 topless/black pon black, bad mind just caaan stop this/stay de gwaan talk, mi know mi got this/say dem independent, but dem nuh stop stress. Nuff said, D’Angel is the definition of a hot gal, and all the honeys in the dancehall will love this track.

Still riding high with his recent Muscle Wine success, Gangoolie updates the move with the hilarious Donkey Kick. The song made its debut at Bembe Thursdays last week with hilarious results as the girls went crazy as it played for about 20 minutes. Gangoolie is a clever lyricist and he shows that in no uncertain terms with one of the best lines in the song: ‘yu nuh carry suitcase, yu carry grip’. The girls will go dance-crazy over this song because of the unique donkey kick addition and this song has already spawned no fewer than 13 Donkey Kick demonstration videos on YouTube.

Rookie deejay Nozzleman shows that he is an artiste to watch for the future with Bad Mind, where he deejays about the envy and jealousy that too often stain society.

Red-hot rookie Amique, shows why there is such a tight link between Jamaican music and r&b with Found Her, an ice-cream smooth song that fits neatly on the liquid groove of this rhythm. This r&b-influenced song shows off the full range of Amique’s incredible voice and rounds out this neat compilation.

The rhythm is now available on iTunes and other downloadable sites. The executive producer of the project is Rob Diamond, CEO of Diamond Music Empire.

By: Jamaica Star

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