Bert Samuels Should Get Legally Real

November 8, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The sordid event which has led to three (3) deaths and a criminal probe at Pathway International Church Sunday October 17, 2021,  refuses to go away. It is not immediately clear when the dust regarding the sacrificial attack by cult members at the Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Ministries, instigated by cult leader now dead,  His Excellency Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith will go away. Normally a story of this nature is what is referred to as a seven day wonder.  This one has the ingredients of intrigue, confusion and drama. People are left in disbelief. How could this all have happened? This is not a movie even as it sounds quite surreal.

Postumeus Criminal Charges

Enter playwright Mr. Bert Samuels, who ironically wrote a rather interesting play which Reenacted a certain event central to the Morant Bay War of 1865. It was widely felt that there was gross injustice that occurred. Samuels has criticized the laying of criminal Al charges on deceased His Excellency Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith.


 A trial of persons long in the grave was staged. You may say justice being given to the victims and if possible clear their names if wrongly accused.  The play therefore focussed on the Mock Trial of Governor Eyre, who was sent from the Colonial Office in Britain to run the overseas territory, that Jamaica was at the time 1865..

Recent comments by noted senior legal luminaire Mr. Bert Samuels has left tongues wagging. He was critical of the decision to posthumously charge His Excellency Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith with multiple counts of murder resulting from his involvement in the cult attack of members of his church which has left  three persons dead.

Pot Cursing Kettle

What is the difference of these charges to those laid on Governor Eyre. He was charged in the grave and so is the dead Dr. Kevin Smith.  If Mr. Bert Samuels had engaged his brain before articulating his tongue he would not have allowed himself to be seen as a laughing stock.  You committed the same sin so to speak sir, when you conceived the idea to write the script for the Morant Bay mock trial. Your utterances are tantamount to a pot cursing a kettle black.

Convicted Without A Body

It is well recorded that Vybz Kartel has been convicted and is serving a prison time for the death of a victim  Lizard whose body was never found. In the case of the Criminal charges laid against Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith, of Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Ministries who it is said gave the orders to his cult members for victims to be killed. We saw the bodies and an accused has confessed and fingered Pastor Dr. Kevin Smith as his partner in crime.  The DPP, in my view is on solid ground to lay criminal charges for the role Smith played in these murders. He is charged for among other things as an accessory after the fact to commit murder.


You need to get legally real my friend Bert Samuels.  You should copy what you have accepted as normal.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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