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Black Content Creators Experience New Streams of Income Entering NFT Industry

Digital artists & creators seeing influx of thousands in passive income selling NFTs

UPPER MARLBORO, Md.Feb. 09, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NFTs are creating passive income opportunities for digital content creators. Jamesha Bazemore, owner of Cocoa Twins, an online digital crafting store, just sold her first NFT for almost $1k, instantly boosting the value of her six-figure content creation brand. Bazemore is diversifying with the addition of NFT licenses to her brand; she houses five trademarks and copyrights for her art, owning the entirety of her digital content.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular for artists and other creatives like Bazemore. Her digital artwork and merchandise feature designs of people of color. Launched in 2016, Cocoa Twins has generated an average of $15k in passive income each month. After serving in the Marine Corps, and with the emergence of Black content creators, Bazemore sought an opportunity to transition her work into the NFT marketing space.

Bazemore shared that 90% of her revenue is passive. Garnering high praise for the designs, Cocoa Twins has amassed over 19k followers via social media.

“My hope is to bring awareness to the digital art space. People wanted to see more Black art so that’s what I’ve done,” Bazemore states. Her work is now established on the Foundation platform for NFTs. “Since I was able to make that impact in the creative and crafting space, I’m hoping to do that with the NFTs.”

In the last month, the NFT industry has seen trends of more than 300,000 purchases with an average cost of over $2k per sale. This indicates a range of growth in financial opportunity, especially for African-American entrepreneurs such as Bazemore.

Bazemore encourages other creatives to trust the process as she prepares to debut a new collection on Foundation. “In building this practice, artists are actually building a brand. This digital age breaks glass ceilings and income barriers. We don’t have to be starving artists. We can make a living from our art.”

Cocoa Twins is an e-commerce platform for digital art & art education. Images on the site may be licensed by users for use in creating other products.

Content Commanders is a storytelling & strategy company specializing in adding more power, personality & perspective to a brand’s digital, print & social media messages.

SOURCE Cocoa Twins

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