Book Review: Within Silence Wisdom Whispers

July 16, 2012 | Vision Newspaper |

Inspirational book by Esther Austin

Your book has a very intriguing title, what is it about?
Everybody experiences periods of hardship, thinking there is no way out, no hope. There comes a point when you want to take some time out and when you do in that stillness you’ll get a sense of peace and calm. You can also find answers in that stillness. 
The book opens up an awareness to the possibilities of what you can experience when you sit in that space of silence. We are so busy and in that business we miss so many things. Reading the pages will help you unfold a depth to you that you haven’t even touched on.
The book’s subtitle is marked: words of inspiration. Is the book a guide?
I would say it’s a book that people can dip into when they need inspiration, when they’re searching for something to say ‘I can make it!’ It’s a book you can almost sink into and exhale. The feedback and the responses have been very positive. I did readings from the book and the audience told me it touched them on a soul level. It’s a book that can indeed touch the heart and the soul.
The book features a lot of poems, where did you take the inspiration from?

I am an intuitive healer. My clients come with all this baggage and are holding on to it so tight that they haven’t been able to exhale for such a long time. I tell them to find a place to go. That’s where a lot of the poems come from; watching others and seeing what they go through.
The book cover depicts a tree. Do you need nature to find that silence?
The tree in this case signifies wisdom. Nature plays an important part in who we are. A lot of people are popping pills when you can just go for a walk in the park. Nature energizes and rejuvenates. Nowadays people are looking for new ways to live more harmoniously, they don’t only want to exist but experience life on a deeper spiritual level. This book is a reminder to ask yourself: what does your soul want, what is it that you really want to experience?
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