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Boswell “Papa Pudding” Samuel Ellington bakes final treat



The quiet rural community of Glegoffe had its population temporarily increased as a crowd of some 2500 converged on the narrow roads with limited parking. So cramped was the space that the police transformed the normal two way street to one way so as to ease traffic congestion.


Rupert Stephens eulogized Boswell as a choir member, farmer, mason who at times plied his skills not only locally, but by traveling overseas. Young Boswell grew up in the (1930s & 40s) a period of instability both political and of industrial upheaval. Boswell was proud of his children especially Owen former Commissioner of Police. “He would keep newspaper clippings of his achievements ….The family legacy is one of decency, moral rectitude, love for people, respect, kindness, Christian principles ……. saturated with humility.” The eulogist concluded.

There was a mood swing after the eulogy, reminiscent of the vision as recorded in Revelation 21 verse 4 (KJV) as painted by the Apostle John as stated in the book of Revelation, in the Holy Bible.

The first lesson Ecc. 3 Verses 1-8, read by Sh-Shanna Ellington-Wilson, grand daughter of Boswell. Asst. Sup. in charge of Cross Roads (St. Andrew Central)

Bishop at Boswell funeral


Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh of the Police Chaplaincy Division used as his backdrop Paul’s declaration in his letter to Timothy found in 2 Timothy 4 verse 7. Bishop Welsh compared the trials and tribulations likely experienced by Boswell over his 86 years here on earth. “Paul fought a good fight ….he had a thorn …. why stay here on earth. Come home to heaven. Jesus told Boswell. I am finished ….. I have finished the course … Many of us retire after relatively small achievements, saying …. I am ready to go…. Paul had met trouble from early … been struck in Damascus, shipwrecked, yet I have kept the Faith….. they locked him (Paul) up, he did some writings …. When Paul was writing he was prophetic …..likely thinking of Boswell …… when life gives you Lemon make lemonade ” (to sustained laughter). Continuing, the rather passionate Bishop declared ” He is calling you today to be His Servant ……. I am now 86, do take up where I left off. What a place to accept Him as your Saviour” was Bishop Welsh’s altar call as he concluded his words of comfort.

Choir at Boswell funeral

Choirs from Pembroke Hall Methodist, St. Jude’s Anglican, and Greatful Hill Methodist led the music. Son Morris Ellington was Organist.

Prayer for family

It was now left to Rev. Dr. Devon Dick to pray for the offering and Rev. Dr. Buchanan, Rev. Khan , Javian Hutton & Rev. Khan Honeyghan, Anglican Priest, who assisted with prayers. Final hymn was:

“Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord: ……”
“Glory! Glory, hallelujah!

Interment followed in the Church’s Cemetery of Greatful Hill Methodist Church, Glengoffe, Jamaica. W.I.

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada, who attended and filed this report.

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