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Breaking News: former Jamaican PM involved in motor vehicle accident

Photo of Former Prime Minister Hon P.J Patterson

Hon. P.J Patterson Crashes …

Jamaica’s former Prime Minister The Most Honourable Percival James Patterson, QC who is 84 was involved in a serious if not freak accident at among all places on earth his home. Details are sketchy, but Vision Newspaper understands that the former PM who is a lawyer was driving a car belonging to a relative down his driveway when it got out of control and crashed into his guard house at his gate. The driveway is on a steep gradient.


The former PNP PM and President has a driver assigned to him and is also accorded personal security detail. So initial reports of a crash was shocking to all.


The car was so badly damaged that it had to be towed away by a wrecker. The right hand or driver’s side of what appeared to be a midsized Toyota model sedan was badly smashed.

Mr. PJ Patterson was rushed to the world class Tony Thwaites wing of the University Hospital. Mona Jamaica W.I. for emergency surgery. It is suspected that his right knee and hip have been seriously fractured.


Emergency surgery was reportedly done today October 16th … which lasted for over six hours to replace his hip and repair damage to his leg.

Book Launch

Vision Newspaper reported a book launch by Mr. Patterson “My Political Journey” to be held shortly in Toronto Canada.


We regret this mishap and wish for the former PM a very speedy and complete recovery. Medical experts have told us that hip replacement, if that is his diagnosis can be a challenging operation and the prognosis for complete recovery is not easy. We pray to God that he beats all the odds.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC Vision Newspaper Canada.

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