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Breaking News: Ian Boyne , CD 60 Is Dead … December 18, After Recovering From Coma

Photo: Ian Boyne

It is with deep regret that we report that veteran journalist and author Ian Boyne has passed. He made his transition today December 18, after promising signs of recovery from a reported medical emergency that plunged into a coma and intensive care at the Tony Thwaites trauma facility, UCH where he made what he (Boyne) described as a “miracle” of a recovery … as Boyne reacted when relocated from intensive care and was making what promised to be a full recovery.


His dead therefore has been to us surprising, to say the least.  This was the last news we expected at this time, although not questioning God’s work.

To his family we say be comforted in your grief as Boyne impacted many lives positively.

Pegasus Lobby Conference

Stabbed In the Back?

It was less than a month ago we spoke to each other at the Pegasus Hotel, at the entrance to the IMF Conference at which a JIS operative “stabbed me in the back” I lodged a verbal complaint to Boyne and also took the opportunity to capture his image. This may turn out to be the last picture taken of him in an official capacity. Boyne as you are aware was Deputy CEO of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS). which he joined in 1975.  In 1983 he worked with Industry Minister Hon Douglas Vaz as speech writer and for years later interacted with other senior officials of both sides of government up to his passing.


The action of this JIS operative has strained our relations with JIS … in short Vision Newspaper, no longer hold JIS as a trusted partner. So far we have stopped short of severing all links with The Jamaica Information Service. We have good reason to feel compelled to lean in this direction. Any self respecting entity would be so moved. JIS as an organization has no longer commanded our trust or confidence, as a result of the alleged back stabbing incident.  It made Brutus’ betrayal of Caesar look like child’s play.

Despite the above we held Boyne personally in the highest regard.  We feel he was unfortunately a victim trapped in an organization which showed visible signs of being “morally bankrupt”. Full stop.

In my perspective the journalistic profession has lost one of its finest sons. In reacting to the news “Cliff Hughes, Emmy award winner of Nationwide News Network (NNN) said inter alia “this is a great loss to the profession”


He worked at the now defunct Daily News Newspaper in the 70s. Then the The Agency For Public Information  (API) now JIS. Boyne held up John Maxwell now deceased, very highly.  Maxwell was fearless and a consummate professional to many journalists.


Desmond Allen,  a well known veteran journalist and former founder of St. Catherine Reporter said he was impacted by Boyne and how he was able to work with both governments.

Cordell Green,  Executive Director, Broadcasting Commission “Boyne transcended political sphere .. he gave selflessly to this country … ” declared Green.
Boyne fell ill on December 2, he recovered and said “I was deeply touched by the outpouring of love” said a grateful Ian Boyne

PM  Holness reacts …

“A sad morning, we have lost one of our great sons” … He served 9 ministers … “I visited him a week ago in hospital. I grew up listening to Profile and was interviewed twice by him on his (Profile) show. He tried to get out the true character of his interviewees … he served the government as chief liaison officer. He inspired many Jamaicans. He was a professional and a great loss to the journalistic profession … Even if he was critical,  his criticism was factually based and professional …” asserted PM Andrew Holness.

Gone too soon Ian Boyne at 60 … may his soul rest in peace and let light perpetual shrine on him.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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