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Breaking News: Montague Breaks Silence On Used Car Saga To Police … As 66 Vehicles Are Stuck On Warf

National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague disclosed that a policeman Miguel Shepherd has created an APP to track guns which have been fired. It was discovered that 830 guns seized since 2017. Of this amount some 730 has no ballistic records in our system. In short these are all new weapons.

Surveillance Plane

A surveillance plane has been purchased  for J$14 million dollars. The army has inspected the craft … it is expected to be delivered to us soon.

Returning to the 119 plus cashe of guns and ammunition the National Security Minister went on to say … “The shipment of guns stayed at the wharf under surveillance, but was not collected for about three weeks. It was felt by the Americans that culprits may have been tipped off of the illegal shipment was being investigated.  The National Security Minister was being interviewed on “Cliff Hughes On Line” … monitored by Vision Newspaper in Jamaica W.I. today Monday December 11, 2017, at about 11:49 AM.

Used Car

“The National Contracts Committee (NCC) insisted that the purchase of 200 pre owned vehicles for the police force be done from one source. The Ministry wanted to have brought in the used cars with contracts for the vehicles for our local police into smaller contracts. There are 66 vehicles on the wharf since May 2017.  We have heard from Bryan’s. We are not paying the tax.  I believe  that you should not extend a contract …I know that in business problems do arise …  we have called the J$42 million. The “Performance Bond”  is still in tact.  We are planning to meet tomorrow with the Used Car Dealers Association & Bryans, who have offered to mediate. The contract calls for mediation in case of a dispute.

“160 vehicles this year (2017) have been given to the police. A further 119 are to be delivered by December 2017… to be purchased on the local market.

The MNS is to employ 20 more prosecutors who will be lawyers to assist with completing case files. “

Justice Minister Chuck

“The DPP’s office will be charged with the responsibility of training assistant Crown Prosecutors”. Some 70 additional Crown Prosecutors island wide will now fall under the umbrella of the DPP’s Office …” Justice Minister Chuck was responding to questions in a radio interview. Previously these prosecutors were under the umbrella of the Parish Judges.

Minister Chuck also confirmed news known by Vision that there “Is a law coming to empower the DPP to appeal certain acquittals on points of law only.  Double jeopardy will be avoided in these appeals. “

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper. Mr. O’Connor-Dennie has a special interest in matters legal.

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