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Bryan Patrick St. George Sykes Thanked God For His Elevation …

Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness addressing a wide cross-section of the upper crust of the Jamaican society consisting mainly of legal luminaries who were gathered at King’s House today March 1, 2018 … for the swearing in of Justice Sykes as Chief Justice of Jamaica  “I have the highest regard for the judiciary. This government is committed to the Independence of the Judiciary … this will call for us to achieve transformation … this is our resolve … the PM continuing at the swearing in of Justice Sykes said …”all arms of government must work together for efficiency. Government has spent considerable resources to improve the justice system … I have the highest regard for the independence of the Judiciary. I am confident justice Sykes will assist in this transformation.” The PM concluded his remarks to thunderous applause.

Justice Sykes Replies …

Justice Sykes said  “I welcome additional judges taking compliment up to 40  (judges) and an additional 22 clerks. The PM has honoured his commitment to give more resources to the judiciary ”  My parents said I was destined to be great … I was not sure how this would be achieved … over the past few days I have seen the … infamy … to much laughter from the packed King’s House Ballroom headed by Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen,  and Lady Allen, President of the Senate,  President of the Court of Appeal,  Director of Public Prosecution, Paula Llewellyn, Speaker of the House, Hon. Pearnel Charles and Justice Minister,  Hon. Delroy Chuck.

Senate President …

President of the Senate Tom Tavares-Finson, an attorney-At-Law, also addressed the swearing in ceremony of Justice Sykes who was permanently appointed Jamaica’s eight Chief Justice: ” That preparation came through Diligence, which became the hallmark of his career. The Diligence that made him transform himself from a judge who was primarily a criminal trial advocate into one of our finest civil and commercial judges today. The Diligence that made him master the modern technologies now required to manage any modern system. The Diligence that made him master a work ethic that recognizes detail and just hard work.  It is this Diligence Chief Justice that is going to make you one of the finest Chief Justices Jamaica has seen since Independence.” Asserts the Senate President Thomas Tavares-Finson reading from a prepared text. His speech was well received.

DPP Paula Llewellyn hailed the newly appointed Chief Justice who was a prosecutor in her office  … describing Sykes as a “work a holic and of unquestionable integrity” concluded the DPP as she addressed journalists at King’s House today after the swearing in of Hon. Brian Sykes as Chief justice of Jamaica.  With due respect, the media created a crisis” concluded the DPP.


It was a well executed ceremony and the presentations were of a very high standard.  Justice Sykes acted as Chief Justice from February 1, 2018 to March 28, 2018. Vision’s Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist was there and filed this report for Vision Newspaper.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie reporting for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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