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Bunting Breaks Silence On Non Renewal Of Les Green’s Contract … Witnesses Were Not Protected … Case Unraveled …

Peter Bunting

Peter-Bunting-Official-web-479x600Perspective 3:

Mr peter Bunting said he wanted to renew Les Green’s employment contract. The controversy regarding a prominent politician accused of conspiracy to commit murder has been making headlines in Canada, Miami and Jamaican newspapers and other media sources.

This matter/case fell apart under Bunting’s stewardship. They (the PNP) dropped the ball … did not renew Les Green’s, a police officer … employment contract, did not look about witness protection for witnesses, they failed to discharge their responsibility to our country and provide good stewardship.

Les Green

You, Mr. Peter Bunting, for your own reasons did not consider it important to renew Les Green’s contract … you were probably not satisfied with his performance or just incompetence on your part, Mr. Bunting.


The JLP was not in power and had no power to do anything about the alleged criminal case against the prominent politician. We say to you our readers … do not be fooled by propaganda … they are good at that.

The latest salvo is that the DPP has ruled that there is not enough credible evidence to proceed to lay criminal charges. The so called witnesses were not considered “credible”. In a court of law a witness must be trustworthy or else the case cannot proceed. The case will fall apart, full stop.

Is Les Green upset that his employment contract was not renewed, hence spilling the so called beans to the foreign press?

In my perspective, people who lack credibility are usually found out in the system.


Stop the hypocrisy, if that is your fault, just take full responsibility for your in action Mr. Peter Bunting. We deserve better from you and your stewardship. Tell the people the whole truth.

As usual the verdict is yours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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