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Uthukela Mayor Dudu Mazibuko


The Bible long spoke about the wise virgins … so from time immemorial there has been virtue in a young woman holding on to her virginity, right? Is this an attack on manhood or just a right of passage to womanhood in certain regions of the world?

Men have been known to be “virgins” … and priests in the Roman Catholic Church have vowed to be celebate. We have heard about the wearing of a chastity belt. … Is it to protect virginity? Vaginal mutilation does destroy a virgins chances of getting an award … Is this so?

Sex Before Marriage

From a biblical perspective sex before marriage is “outlawed” … seen as sinful and described as “fornication” … according to many fire and brimstone evangelical types. Engaging in premarital sexual activity is for them the most egregious of sins. The irony of it all is findings from an informal recent survey showed some 70% of parishioners in a very large church in Jamaica had a vast amount of unwed mothers.

The message is falling on infertile ground yet premarital sexual activity is a fairly good measure of the state of fertility of our faith based segment of society.

Masculine Conquest

Most men who are erectile positive would relish at some point in their sexual escapades to conquer or breakdown the frontier of virginity. It is that sought after commodity that gives that satisfaction in a real sense … that macho feeling of conquest. Mission accomplished in their minds eye which hither to appeared to be like a mirage or merely an almost impossible dream or just a vision.

Teenage Pregnancy

There have been many unwanted pregnancies especially in the early years after puberty or child bearing years. Many to unsuspecting teens who were just probably experimenting in an area of human activity which to them comes naturally. They are just responding to nature. Natural but with potential dangerous consequences.

Many unfulfilled dreams, career goals, education pursuits have been shattered by an unwanted pregnancy. There are also sexually transmitted diseases to contend with. Condom and other practices not known … crude methods like “withdrawal” before ejaculation which can be most unreliable.

Virginity Watchdog

In Canada, UK, USA and Jamaica such intrusion would be deemed as invasive and possible a violation of privacy …virginity testing is legal and quite a culturally accepted practice in South Africa and in many strong Muslim regions in the world. Some refer to it as “sexual purity”. In Afghanistan to fornicate could lead to stoning in the streets.

In other regions you may need a flashlight in a very dark night and extensive search to find a virgin.

What if virginity is lost in athletic activity like hurdling and cycling … it cannot be ruptured in such activities? Do educate me as I am most ignorant on virginity matters.

Poetic Commentary

Virginity watchdogs have their jobs cut out for them …
As they vow to keep in -tact the hymen …
A difficult job off the beaten track …
Convincing women not to indulge even in the missionary way … the sex act.

Ah,ah,ah ….
If there are rewards to hold on to your virginity, do go for it sisters … starving us men is not your focus, eh!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, social activist, & photojournalist who is also the Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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