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Canada Summer Jobs 2023: Application period for employers begins

December 1, 2022 | Vision Newspaper |

A summer job plays an important role in a young person’s career. It puts money in their pockets for the rest of the year, and helps them get the skills they need to work toward a career of choice. The pool of capable, dynamic and diverse talent available to employers also increases during the summer months. The Canada Summer Jobs program creates opportunities for everyone by pairing opportunity with talent, which is key to maintaining a strong economy.

On November 29th , the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Marci Ien, announced the launch of the employer application period for the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) 2023 program. Not-for-profit organizations, public sector employers, and private sector employers with 50 or fewer full-time employees can apply for funding now until January 12, 2023, to hire young Canadians next summer. Full-time job placements will become available starting in April 2023.

Each year, national priorities are established to prioritize job opportunities for youth facing barriers to getting a first job as well as jobs in small business and the not-for-profit sector. This year, the priorities are:

  • youth with disabilities;
  • Black and other racialized youth;
  • Indigenous youth;
  • small businesses and not-for-profit organizations that self-report as having leadership from groups that are under-represented in the labour market;
  • small business and not-for-profit organizations in environmental sectors.

Employers interested in applying for CSJ 2023 funding can submit their applications electronically via either the online fillable application or the Grants and Contributions Online Service. The online fillable application is the fastest way for employers to submit an application online, while the Grants and Contributions Online Service requires the user to create an account before submitting an application for CSJ.

CSJ is part of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS), which helps youth, particularly those facing barriers, to gain the skills and experience they need to successfully transition to the labour market. Through the YESS, which is delivered by 12 federal government departments and agencies, youth can access skills training, internships and work experiences in important emerging sectors such as the digital economy, green jobs, environmental science and technology, and natural resources.

SOURCE Government of Canada

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