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Canadian teen R.J. Barrett to play college ball at Duke

Photo: R. J. Barrett


We are proud of Mississauga resident R.J. Barrett, a very talented person of colour who could be the top pick and has accepted the opportunity to go to Duke.

When at a cross roads as it relates to one’s career choices any decision taken can have far-reaching consequences. It can and is usually a major decision which cannot be taken lightly.

At Home

To feel at home in an environment that one is similar to the one they may be accustomed is always desirable and makes most individuals more comfortable if not productive.

R.J. Barrett has a tremendous future as a basketball player and based on historical data such an individual could earn a decent living. Such an individual is undoubtedly a role model and should so conduct them self accordingly. An ambassador for the game.


Such an individual like Barrett is on a trajectory to be selected to be a player in the prestigious National Basketball League (NBA). This is a great move up  in life and career goals can certainly be enhanced.

The NBA is a great organization that can move an individual from poverty to prosperity. It is a sure way out of poverty.


In our perspective  Barrett can “step up in a life” and have a great future … one of sound financial independence also local and possibly international recognition.

We wish him all the best and feel that his future looks bright.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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