Canadian Travel Advisory

Minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett
Minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett

The Canadian government has issued a Travel Advisory which noted among another things that violence against tourist in Jamaica is extremely low. It also stated that petty thefts and bag snatching occurs frequently.

The Advisory warns tourists visiting a number of Caribbean islands including Jamaica to pay close attention to “personal security” and to avoid certain places in Jamaica which it names. Tivoli, Grant’s Pen, in Kingston and Salem, Flankers and other known volatile spots in Montego Bay, our Second City.


This Advisory comes close on the heels of a bag stealing incident and subsequent dead of a Canadian tourist walking in the early morning (3 AM) in Negril, recently.

Bunting notes that crime is up one and a half percent yet he tears down Jamaica’s security. Say it took the death of a tourist for improved security in say Negril.

Tourism Minister Bartlett

“We are not too perturbed at the advisory as it was not at a very high tiered level. Jamaica is still a very safe destination. We have been seeing a fall off in visitor arrivals from Canada long before this most unfortunate incident.”

Minister Bartlett plans to visit Canada in August 2016. which was exclusively shared with Vision weeks ago, long before the Travel Advisory was issued.

“I will again visit the family of the Ontarian who was killed in Ja. W. I.”

Minister Bartlett said publicly then that he met with the deceased family in Jamaica and plans to visit them in Canada in August. They were assisted with arrangements to transport the remains of the Canadian male back to Canada.

Vision regrets this incident and Minister Bartlett was most saddened at the loss of life.

Attacks against tourists in Jamaica is extremely rare as also stated by the Canadian Advisory.

Vision is saddened by any act of violence as all lives are important.

Hopeton O’CONNOR-DENNIE is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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