Capleton On Fire After Rape Claim … is Justice On Trial?

Noted internationally acclaimed recording artist Capleton, aka the Fire Man is under plenty fire as a hairstylist has accused him of raping her. It is alleged that the artiste invited her, (an unnamed complainant) to his hotel room and had sexual intercourse with her … without her consent. The alleged victim also claimed that hotel furniture was damaged and that a security guard had to intervene on her behalf to stop the attack.

Refuted Claim

Capleton’s lawyer has stated that the woman’s claims cannot be corroborated as both persons to whom reference is made in her complaint have denied her claim. If the lawyer is to be believed, the complainant has a serious credibility hurdle to climb, higher than Blue Mountain Peak …. to be believed in court.  In short she appears to be lying. 
The hotel manager and security guard in question have both refuted her claim.

Reputational Damage

Whether this woman, the complainant is lying or not the reputational damage to Capleton is enormous.  It is like an indelible stain which not even the strongest bleach, thinner, or CLR can remove. The mother of all stains, eh!

Trials Of Black Men

Before you draw down your zip ..
And engage your hip ….
Remember the danger …
Of risky sexual encounter …

This is approaching that season
When with strange reason
Or without good reason …
This is like “treason” …

Is justice on trial …
Being measured in the vial …
Scale is unbalance …
In this instance …?

Yes!  Unprecedented betrayal …
Which is far from regal …
It is brutal, if not unfair …
When parties resort to such tier

Did complainant try to extort?
So low did she resort …?
She was not smart …
If she lied, case will be torn apart

Ah, ah, ah ….

Note: CLR is a tough cleaning stain remover.


We accept that Capleton is innocent until proven otherwise.
This is a sad day for all.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, satirist, also Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper.

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