Captain Horace Garfield Burrell Dead At 67 … Of Cancer

Football has lost a giant in the person of the former President of Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  He was a leader par excellence and has the distinction of taking Jamaica to the World Cup in 1998.

We were at the pinnacle of the football world as a relatively small country.  Rene’ Simoes was our coach from Brazil.

The professional Football Association  Of Jamaica (PFAJ) in a press release paid tribute to his “leadership and for taking us to France in 1998.”

In Burrell’s last recorded interview on TV,  he said “I enjoy my work and as long as my colleagues support me …we have embarked on a route … we are seeing good results”

A career army officer and businessman he owned and operated at least 5 branches of “Captain’s Bakery” island wide and even exported his baked products overseas.

Canadian Connection

He was partly trained in Canada as a soldier.


Sport Minister Grange paid tribute to the Captain by skipe.”He was an outstanding leader” declared MINISTER Grange.

Spanner Dennis, confidante fought back tears unsuccessfully on Football GPS live, aired on CVM TV, hosted by Wayne Walker. Ambassador Stevenson was also on set.

We at VISION express our sympathy to is family.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision

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