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The Captivating, Catchy and Exciting Rudy Live Releases New “24” Single, Signs Distribution Deal

After a successful 2016, it may seem as if the captivating, catchy and exciting Rudy took a lay back approach to the beginning of the new year. But this seemingly absence was only at the surface as the soca songstress has been hard at work behind the scenes on new music, and a new distribution deal with FOX FUSE, a leading digital music label for Caribbean music and one the largest label worldwide for soca and chutney music.

Speaking on this partnership, each party expressed their sentiment on the occasion. “We’re thrilled to work with Rudy Live in bringing her unique brand of soca music to the global masses.” – Zack Cohen, CEO of FOX FUSE. With Rudy Live adding ” I am very excited to come into partnership with Fox Fuse. I believe this joint venture is an important step for my career and my RudyLive brand..“.

The first project released with FOX FUSE, is Rudy Live hitbound single “24“. Written by the soca diva herself and produced by Cherrod Lewis (CL Production) , the high tempo feel good track comes right on time to keep the T&T Carnival vibes going into this year’s VI Carnival “A Centennial Commemoration for 65th Carnival Celebration”.

Rudy Live explained “When I came up with the concept of 24 it was all about good vibes in general I wanted to touch on a topic that everyone could relate to, the indescribable excitement of how one feels when carnival is approaching only to face the emotions of fete withdrawal as carnival departs like a thief in the night.” she further added ” We all use carnival to escape the stress that society brings upon us and we all know that all good things must come to an end, but for me I believe in giving the people what they want if you work hard all year you deserve to  free up just for another day so why not give them another twenty four

Rudy Live “24” ( is now available on all major digital formats, with a video soon to be released.

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