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CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) Alison Drayton

December 15, 2022 | By Colin O. Jarrett |

CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) Alison Drayton is buoyed by the keen interest Ministers of Health, Education and Security are showing in data.

Miss Drayton said it is a critical metric to help governments examine the causes of issues, formulate solutions and monitor whether those solutions are being applied in a way that makes a difference.

Three months into her tenure at the CARICOM Secretariat, Miss Drayton; who is the ASG for the Directorate of Human and Social Development HSD reflected on the successful hosting of three CARICOM Council Meetings held recently.

There are, the 43rd Meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development (Health) in Washington, DC in September, the 24th Meeting of the Council for National Security and Law Enforcement, CONSLE in October and the 44th Meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development COHSOD Education also in October.

While noting the opportune timing of her appointment which allowed her to engage with the Councils that provide strategic direction for the work of the HSD Directorate, Ms Drayton lauded the “months and months of hard work” by the state of the Directorate to organize the meetings.

Highlighting an example, she pointed to the agreement among CARICOM Ministers of Law Enforcement to collaborate and share information through a Crime Gun Intelligence Unit which will be an important mechanism to pursue that collaboration and information-sharing.

She also pointed to the interest of CARICOM Ministers of Education in learning more from Belize about its experience with transforming its curricula to address several challenges in the country’s education basic sector including teacher and student burnout from content overload across the basic education curriculum.

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