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November 21, 2018
Disgraced JCF Cop … Found Guilty Of Murder
November 21, 2018

Dr. Dennis George Forsythe – Caring, a Trailblazer, an Intellectual of Integrity

Dr. Dennis George Forsythe Buried …

Religious Focus

It was a packed United Salem Church in the cool lush hills of Islington St. Mary that the celebration of the life of Dr. Dennis George Forsythe was held.  The glowing tributes spoke volumes of the Professor, Sociigist, Pan Africanist,  Attorney-at-law and humanitarian. Community tributes painted the noted intellectual as caring, compassionate and respected. “The Orange Grove/Bridge Mount/Summit Heights  communities are indeed poorer for Dr. Dennis George Forsythe’s passing” stated Vision’s SIC Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie at the Thanksgiving Service held Saturday, July 28, 2018. It was a monumental achievement as a black man to have at an early age obtained a PHD. especially from a predominantly white university where colour major and class must have been major obstacles to overcome.  This was the UK in the 1960s.


We need God.

Luke 19. Zaccius was short. “Today I must abide in thy house”  I decrease that thou shall increase.  You need God.  Today is promised to no-one. I come to seek that which has been lost. Marilyn Monroe told Billy Graham she had no time for his God.  We need God.

The tax collector was prepared to give back four fold.  They diverted some of the taxes for their personal being.

Aquatic means fish, terrestial the land and man.  Zaccius meant pure and clean …yet he was thieving up the money.  A new sexual symbol/act. Echo-sexual … make love to trees.  Strange times.  When people worship Trump,  Jamaica is the most crime ridden place.

Opportunity and opposition walk close to each other.  Look what the Lord has done.

Hymn: I need thee

Oh I need thee …
Thou hath been a shelter for me.


Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie was there and filed this report  for Vision Newspaper Canada. 

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