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Charly black 2

Dancehall act Charly Black recently headlined two major shows in Columbia where he has developed a huge fan base.

At the Green Moon Festival in San Andres, he rocked a huge crowd of more than 10,000 patrons with his hits, Buddy Buddy, and Party Animal.

The Green Moon Festival, held annually, is an expression of the culture of the Caribbean region, and there are often lectures on music, documentaries, samples dances and local cuisine for a whole week.

The artiste also journeyed to the capital city of Bogota to perform at the Royal Theatre Centre in Chapinero where 5,000 screaming fans cheered him on.

Dressed in full white, he walked out singing a new single, Jesus Police Record. He segued into Tyad Fi See Me, and the crowd sang the chorus word for word. He then did popular songs like Fiesta, Gold Medal and First Time.

He took a sip of an alcoholic beverage, and declared that he was a ‘party animal’. Patrons in the crowd cheered him on, and drank along with him. He closed his set with the popular Party Animal for Techniques Records, earning inside the club at least five forwards.

Black has developed a following in Central and South America. Party Animal is doing well on dancehall charts. The single hit number 6 on a chart in Costa Rica, and number 1 in Chile.

“Mi a put in the work and people appreciate the music, right now, music is a blessing,” Charly Black said.

He will head to a show in England and will headline a big event in Mandeville, ‘Signature’, Heroes Weekend, at Rock City. He is also booked for a festival in Chile, alongside Method Man from Wu Tang clan.


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