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September 19, 2012
G MAFFIA The poetic dancehall lyricist
October 8, 2012

Cherine Anderson The Dancehall Soul Diva

In 2009 Cherine Anderson joined the growing list of Jamaican artists hitting the billboard charts when her collaboration with Michael Franti and Spearhead, Say Hey (I Love You) hit the Hot 100 chart. Another of her memorable collaborations is of course Coming Over featuring Chuck Fenda, or one of her more recent ones Stick By Me featuring Chris Demontague. 
What’s new for Cherine?
I have a new single out called Eagles & Doves which is doing really well in Jamaica. For the best part of the last two years I have been working to get a different fan base especially in Canada and the US. Because we have been working in other areas, unfortunately a lot of the hard core dancehall supporters have not been with me but I’m planing to change a lot of this. I have a dancehall tune out by the name of Haffi Come Back, and the collaboration with Chris Demontague; Stick By Me.
Talking about Stick By Me – what made you voice over a classic with such a young artist?
Two reasons: he is young, as you mentioned, and he is talented. And I am also young, so it makes a lot of sense (she laughs).
Which of the female artists do you gravitate to?
I listen to all of them, even beyond reggae I listen to a lot of rock music, r’n’b, hip hop, just a  bit of everything as I like diversity.
What changes do you see in the reggae business?
The business has moved forward in a sense that we have more females coming out and making their mark, it’s a good a look. Nobody can tell a female story, from a female perspective but a female artist. It has been great in that regard.
How was it working with the Emperor himself – Shabba Ranks, at Sumfest? 
It was a lot of fun. I have always been a big fan of Shabba. I remember going to school singing Trailer Load. It’s hard to put in words as I would have never dared to ask or even consider to be on stage with Shabba for his return to Jamaica. When I got the call, it was like two days before, there was not a lot of time to rehearse and the expectations are very high when Shabba performs. I’m glad it went off well. He is an excellent, extraordinary performer. We had a lot of fun. It was definitely an honour. 
And it was an honour speaking to you Cherine, thank you for your time.
picture: ‘Having the time of her life’ Cherine performing with Shabba Ranks at Sumfest

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  1. Lorna Scott says:

    Cherine Anderson is an icon. She has a great personality. A beautiful strong voice not only a great singer but she is also a good actress. I loved her film One Love. Hope to hear more about Cherine. We need strong and talented individuals like her.

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