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July 6, 2012 | Vision Newspaper |

Jamaica has come a far way since gaining its Independence and celebrating 50 years of outstanding achievements. Reggae and dancehall is one such sector that shares the struggle and success of Jamaica. The pioneers Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk to name a few set the foundation for younger artiste to emulate and carry on the torch. 

Christopher Martin is no doubt one of the best young artistes in the business and has rightfully earned his place in the dancehall arena. Born on Valentine’s Day 1987, it was evident that Chris was musically inclined from an early age. 
His love for music blossomed and in 2005 he entered Jamaica’s number one talent show Digicel Rising Stars. Martin won the competition and further cemented his position in the hearts of Jamaicans, scoring a hit single on the Jamaican music charts with the song “Love is all we Need”. 
He has worked with the best and most experienced in music over the years such as diamond-selling artist Shaggy, and producer extraordinaire Robert Livingston, Arif Cooper of Fresh Ear Productions, Shane Brown of Jukeboxx and Christopher Birch.  Hits such as Take My Wings, Jamaican Girls, Gallis ft. Busy Signal, and most recently Paper Lovin’, Cheater’s Prayer and Chill Spot continue to tear up radio waves across the globe. 
His tremendous vocal prowess, lyrical ability, and the relate-able vibe he shares with his audience has kept him at the top of the game, winning fans and keeping the ladies screaming his name.   
Martin has performed in the Caribbean, the United States, and Africa, and has a strong presence in Asia with his self-titled album released in Japan under the Rockers Island Imprint in 2011.  
His European smash hit “To the Top”, a collaboration with German reggae star Gentleman, won Martin a spot on Gentleman’s Multi City European tour, with performances in Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Spain, Luxemburg, Poland, Macedonia, and the Czech Republic.  
As of 2012, he created “Cheeny Big Son”, his own record label, and has secured numerous awards including: “Singer of the Year” and “Male Vocalist of the Year”.  Martin is managed by Lydon “Kingy” Lettman of Kingyard Production. With a new album ready to be released and tons of local and international tour dates lined up for 2012, Martin is in his musical prime and continuing to progress as an artiste.      
Who is Christopher Martin? 
I was born in the parish of St. Catherine Jamaica, I’m a young man whose passion is to sing and produce music! Very easy going, love to make people laugh, I appreciate life and all that it has to offer.  
What drives you to produce the quality music you do? 
My family is the driving force and the main inspiration behind my music. To see the impact that my music has on people makes me work harder at my craft.  
Who is most influential in your musical journey? 
My fans and supporters! Without them this whole Chris Martin movement would never have materialized, it would all remain a dream. They’re the ones who made it a reality.   
What about the ladies are you single or in a relationship? 
Focused on my music, that’s my most serious commitment.  
Cheaters prayer is a big hit around the world, explain how you came up with this song. Cecile did a counteraction to the song, how did you feel about the female version? 
The concept just came to mind and I thought it was very clever and something that the people would love so I took on the challenge to build on the idea! As for the counteraction: I welcomed the idea and I think the ladies felt good they had a version of their own.    
Who is your favourite artiste and why?
Stevie Wonder! He’s the boss!  
What makes Christopher Martin authentic?
There’s only One Christopher Martin, Son of Cleveland and Maxine Martin and he’s true to himself and his music!

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