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June 6, 2021
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Cliff Lashley Lashes Out At Plot To Undemocratically Boot Mark Golding

Photo of Dr. Dayton Campbell

June 7, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

“Men should be careful of women who will use false allegations to destroy them”

So declared an obviously peeved Dr. Cliff Lashley as he mounts a strong defence for the embattled PNP General Secretary,  Dr. Dayton Campbell.  Dr. Dayton Campbell has denied any wrongdoing in sexual misconduct allegations made by one Miss Karen Cross et al.

Continuing Dr. Cliff Lashley had this to say inter alia:

“These women can destroy men. Even if the men are acquitted the women walk away free and the stain stays with them forever and damaging them socially.”


It has been high drama as the fallout from so far unsubstantiated allegations which are attached as part of Ms. Karen Cross’s defence in a deformation lawsuit filed in the Supreme (High) Court, in Jamaica W. I. against her by Dr. Dayton Campbell. Campbell’s lawyers are claiming that their client has been defamed by known blogger and PNP activist, Ms. Karen Cross et al.

Late Item

It has been revealed that one of Dr. Dayton Campbell’s accusers who resides overseas and who has been sued for deformation (overseas) has had a long rap sheet of a criminal past including assault and battery.  A multiple convict who lacks credibility, integrity and certainly not an upstanding citizen in any jurisdiction.

Natalie Stamp

A Miami based woman has also been sued for deformation by Dr. Dayton Campbell,  as stated above she is said to be a PNP activist with an alleged criminal past overseas? It is alleged that she has been arrested for assault and battery and a mug shot has confirmed this.  She has been said to have a number of aliases. News just in is Natalie Stamp has written to the US Embassy seeking protection. In an interview she has refused to confirm the full extent of any allegeded criminal past.

Warning Of Plot

A strong pushback against allegations made against Dr. Dayton Campbell has emerged.  A known PNP activist Dr. Cliff Lashley, himself a lawyer, has strongly defended Dr. Dayton Campbell. He said inter alia:

“Men should be careful of women who will use false allegations to destroy them”

He was holding back nothing.  The battle lines are drawn and no end appears to be in sight as this matter drags on.


The noted PNP activist Dr. Cliff Lashley, a former National Executive Council (NEC) member has come out swinging against Ms. Karen Cross et al without calling her by name.

“I am warning of a plot to remove by undemocratic means. Hon Mark Golding is president of the PNP.” 

Lashley has warned in a radio interview.

Mark Golding, Opposition Leader was democratically elected in November 2020 by delegates of the PNP. He defeated Lisa Hanna by 300 votes.

Lisa Hanna

Lisa Hanna, who defeated PNP candidate in the November 2020 internal election vote has interestingly come out in support of Mark Golding saying inter alia:

“Mark was democratically elected in November 2020 by delegates of the PNP.  I am not going to be bullied. I have kept silent as I am aware of some of the nastiness being said.”

It was a stateswoman-like comment to make at this time. Lisa did not stop there. She declared inter alia:

 “He (Mark) has since appointed me Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, I am satisfied with that.”   


Conscious of the fractured and divisive nature of the PNP they have set up a Unity Committee. Former Education Minister & PNP General Secretary Maxine Henry Wilson has acknowledged that there are problems in the PNP.

“We are working to unify the party. If Cliff Lashley has credible info of any plot to undermine Mark Golding, then he should share same.”

KD Knight, QC Resigns

Another key PNP insider,  a former Senator & Senior Government Minister,  KD Knight has said inter alia:

“I will not as a lawyer comment on at this stage,  if Dr. Dayton Campbell should step aside or resign.  It is important that we settle the matter speedily.”

The noted PNP elder went on further to say inter alia:

“I have resigned from the Unity Committee as I think it is too narrow a role for me at this time. I want a broader focus” 

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has a keen interest in decency fairplay and probity in public life.

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