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March 11, 2021
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Colonel Richard Currie Elected Leader For “The Accompong Maroons.”

Photo of Colonel Richard Currie Leader for "The Accompong Maroons." (SOURCE IRIE FM)

March 11, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Photo of Colonel Richard Currie Leader for “The Accompong Maroons.” Source Google Image

“To say the Maroons were runaway slaves is wrong. Let us examine the entomology of words. Age is just a number.  I plan to focus on infrastructure among other things as Colonel.”

Those are some of the utterances of Colonel Richard Currie of the Accompong Maroons.

The newly elected Colonel for the Accompong Maroons has focused on the Central Solar Reserve Bank (CSRB) very early in his incumbency.  By Executive Order he has outlawed the CSRB. The Colonel has stated his opposition categorically. We quote what the Colonel had to say inter alia:

 “The Lumie will no longer be allowed to be used in the territory of Accompong.”

So stated Colonel Richard Currie in his Executive Order outlawing the Lumie.

The Central Solar Reserve Bank has been disbanded by Executive Order.  The Lumie’s value is being questioned. Also he further stated:

“The annual January 6, 1739 Treaty Celebrations is being too commercialized”

Photo of Colonel Richard Currie Leader for “The Accompong Maroons.” (SOURCE  Forbes)

This view has been expressed according to the newly elected Colonel who has recently replaced Colonel Williams as head of the largest Maroon settlement in Jamaica.

The institution known as the “The Central Solar Reserve Bank” which from now on for the purpose of ease of reference in this article will just be referred to as the “bank” for clearer understanding.  The idea of a bank as a novel concept seem  not to be fully understood.

What Backs The Lumie?

The Lumie is backed by the sun as stated by Timothy Mc.   founder and governor of the controversial bank.

How this is done or achieved is not very clear to many.  We know sun is in abundance, but how do we harness it to back a currency is above most of our heads as normal beings.


The question as to what backs the Lumie was also not fully explained or understood to the new Colonel.  Each currency is backed by either Gold or some other precious metal.

Printing Of Currency

The printing of new currency notes and custody of template from which new notes are to be printed was also not fully explained and was cause for concern.

Ownership Of Bank Building

There seems to be uncertainty as to the ownership of the building housing the CSRB.  That building is a dual purpose facility which has residential and commercial occupancy.

Debt Fears

Photo of Colonel Richard Currie Leader for “The Accompong Maroons.” (SOURCE Forbes)

The Colonel expressed concern as to the possibility that the territory could be plunged into debt as a result of the current concerns some of which have been expressed above. Attempts to get a clear explanation was not forthcoming to the satisfaction of the new Colonel.

Speaking To Verene Shepherd

The Colonel expressed to Verene Shepherd on Talking History on Saturday February 3, 2021 inter alia:

“There have been some misunderstanding as to who the Maroons are. They are not runaway slaves as have been started over time.  The entomology of words seem to be the problem. Also my focus is on infrastructure development for the people of Accompong.”

Colonel Currie further stressed that:

“Treaties are signed between sovereign states”

So stated the new Colonel Richard Currie, of Accompong who is 40 years old.

“My age should not be an issue”

He further added, while responding to concerns about his youthfulness. He is possibly the youngest leader of the Territory of Accompong to date.


It is my further perspective and of deep concern to me that any new leader of a body whether corporate or otherwise is prepared to make sweeping changes without full appreciation of why certain decisions were originally taken. We aught not to appear to be seen as wanting to rewrite history.  Careful study of existing matters are not done overnight.  Any changes should be gradual and after careful consideration. We can be making one step forward and another backward. Seaga once said:

“There should be change without chaos”

Former PM Edward Phillip George Seaga addressing the vexed issue of how to manage change.

Territorial Integrity

The idea of a currency for the Territory of Accompong was in my view a novel idea and could help to reestablish the territorial integrity of Accompong.  It was expressed at the time that Accompong was a sovereign state within the Jamaican state. It is supposed to be, in my  view self autonomous and has a unique arrangement with the Jamaican government.


The authority of the new leader is not here being questioned. It is just his methodology. We should not appear to be prepared to throw the baby out with the bath water. Is this what be happening? This is our perspective.  As usual you be the judge as in the final analysis the verdict is yours.


The undersigned has visited Accompong on several occasions to attend their annual January 6 celebrations of their signing of the treaty with the British in 1739.  Tourists from across the world attend each year. I think it should be a least a three day festival and promoted by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB).  Properly designated parking areas needed to reduce congestion. Establish more hotel or motel rooms could help in the product development. Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) could assist. Treat the festival in a more serious way and also try to  promote the area as an all year place to visit.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist, poet, elegist & satirist of international exposure.


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