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Content For the People, By the People – Yada TV Network Inc

Bernadette Watts- Bernadette is the CEO of OnStage Plus, a Livestream production firm that has also formed a digital network to bring live-streamed Content

Building Community, Outlining Possibilities, Understanding the Assignment.

NEW YORKFeb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Growing Universal Network based in Queens, NYC, Yada TV Network. uniqueness is not just a subscription service with Original & Blockbuster movies, we focus on publishing diverse transparent, content. Which acknowledges the importance of equality, fairness, integrity, & respect for content developers’ intellectual property. We stand for that artist, whether film, music artist, anime creators, or animation, which were not granted the opportunity to express their total freedom and creativity in their craft. Point is we honor visionaries, and the tenacity to hold on to dreams that will manifest when believed whole heartly.

Yada TV is here to stay and intend to highlight the stories of all walks with raw transparent truth shown in different perspectives, & narratives. Learning, awareness, encouragement, & substance. Gaining insightful understanding into the diverse cultural communities. Yada TV has an array of live broadcasting, and programming that will take place in our film production studio located in the heart of history on Jamaica Avenue, 8902 165th inside the famous,” Coliseum”.

History will unfold as Yada TV Network breaks barriers along with our affiliate partners Onstage + as the first networks combined will do it our way! along with the unwavering support of those that have a creative voice, will make sure your echo is remembered. If your ready to see those stories. Sign Up and enjoy Yada Tv with one- week free. Did you know that for each subscriber your monthly or annually fee, will go toward new production, innovation, and implementation of community involvement for our youth. which makes you a member of Yada Tv Network. This is not a quick fix, its building a legacy.


Coming Soon to Yada TV Channel on Onstage Plus & other Multiple Platforms.

  • Live Concerts, Stage Plays, Comedy shows, speak easy
  • Engaging within our communities with Youth speaks a shown for the next generation on their views & thoughts about tomorrow
  • Curated Minority Stories
  • News
  • Blockbuster Movies
  • Exclusive series. web series, Documentaries
  • Yada TV Top Picks
  • Music
  • NFT’s
  • Technology
  • Black Martial Arts/ Sports
  • Building Wealth
  • New Reality Series
  • Music
  • Documentaries


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