Court Rules Against PNP Boundary Tampering … In Portmore, Jamaica

ArscottIn a dramatic new development the Supreme Court in Jamaica has handed down a landmark decision in favour of the JLP in respect of an action taken by then PNP Local Government Minister Noel Arscot. Arscot’s action was illegal.

Minister Ascot had move to apparently secure political advantage for his party by “engineering a campaign” of signatures to adjust the electoral boundaries to give the Mayoral candidate for the PNP a political advantage. (A legal form of Gerrymandering.?)

The JLP had stridently objected and took the matter to Court.

The court frowned on such a border tampering scheme. The Court then ruled in favour of the JLP.

PNP Stalwart …

Fitz-JacksonFitz Jackson, PNP MP said “An interim boundary was established and 7 percent of signatures were required … this was intended to get the three adjoining divisions … to incorporate them in the Portmore Municipality Act. Quarry Hill, Lakes Pen, and Gregory Park were not able to vote for the Mayor of Portmore, who is voted for separately. In 2010 the seeds were sewn from then, asserts Fitz Jackson.

These 3 affected Divisions are strong PNP enclaves.

Electoral Office

The Electoral Office said in a late statement that some 4,800 + residents will not be able to vote for the Mayor of Portmore as a result of the Court Ruling … the status quo must remain. Voting started today 25th November by law for Police and Election Day workers et al. … 3 days before the 28th when the General public votes.

This effectively leaves no time for an appeal. Justice rules supreme.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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